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Rebuilding engines in Montréal

The Monsieur Moteurs' team offers a complete service for the reconstruction or restoration of your engine :

  • Machining of connecting rod 
  • Bore line
  • Machining flywheel (flywheel refacing)
  • Installation of cylinder liner (engine Sleeving)
  • Exchange Service yokes (cylinder head)
  • Correction of crankshaft (crankshaft grinding)
  • Repair and replacement camshaft 
  • Weld engine block, cylinder heads and crankshaft (engine, head and crankshaft welding)
  • Balancing motor (engine balancing)
  • Rectification of the engine block (block deck)
  • Grinding head (head deck)
  • Blasting engine (shot peening)
  • Rebuilding cylinder head
  • Drilling cylinder (cylinder honing reboreand
  • Engine installation