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Rebuilding engines in Montréal

Monsieur Moteurs is a division of Atelier Auto Americaines L.S. The company has been operating under the exclusive name of Atelier Auto Americaines L.S. for over 40 years. 

You will find in Monsieur Moteur, the same specialists in rebuilding engines for all types of vehicles and all brands. At Monsieur Moteurs, you primarily deal with a passionate team that constantly seeks to exceed and provide you with the best engines ever. Trust us for all your engines rebuilding projects .


Competitive price

  • Large inventory
  • expertise gained over 40 years to its employees
  • Complete reconstruction of petrol and diesel engines off all brands cars, truck, boats, forklifts, industrial machinery. 

 All services 


Monsieur Moteurs specializes in the remanufacturing of cylinder heads and engines for automobiles and trucks. The installation of cylinder liner to the correction of the crankshaft, through balancing engine cylinder head and grinding, the company offers a complete range of quality services

 All engines 



With its Marine Division to be able to enjoy your boat this summer! Indeed , Monsieur Moteur is also specialized in marine engine rebuild . 

So, navigate in peace of mind with an engine renovated. In addition we offer the best warranty in the industry .

 Marine Division 

Atelier Auto Americaines L.S. 

Now, with mostly the same specialists to serve you. 

For any project of refurbishing , reconstruction , restoration or modification of engines for business , hobbies or racing, we have what you need !